(VIDEO)5 Reasons You Should Buy Cavalli Class Now

5 reasons you should buy Cavalli class now

I'll be discussing in detail my reasoning, where you can currently buy, and even give you some facts about the brand 😘


I am so excited about our new products! Honestly these bags keep getting better and better. Finally all real leather bags! Beautiful soft calfskin and stunning heavy chains these bags are what you think of, when you think of Italian leather and that is exactly what they are. That's why I couldn't wait to make this video and show you one of Roberto Cavalli's coveted collection. And I know I need to be better at updating this blog(still learning here)and going forward I vow to daily update and check this blog so my information is easily obtainable. If you already know who Roberto Cavalli is or just want to watch the video please enjoy below.


Who is Roberto Cavalli?

Kate moss for Roberto Cavalli

 Roberto Cavalli is an Italian fashion designer and inventor. He is known for glamour and animalier prints on leather and textiles. The label is in charge of manufacturing and marketing haute couture, ready-to-wear, and accessories, including handbags, and jewellery. The company also develops interior design projects for high-end buildings and hotels. He also has labels under the names JustCavalli, Cavalli Class, and Cavalli Home.


Known For it's Prints and Patterns

We have reason to believe the value on Roberto Cavalli's products will increase in the next 5 years. Overtime things with merit usually become more valuable, and with proper care and maintenance you could be holding on to a wise investment piece. If you're someone who loves bold prints and looking for more designer items, Roberto Cavalli is that designer who will always surprise you.


Quality is Worth The Price

Italian fashion is seen and known as the holy grail of high-end fashion and trends. Italy being known for its wine, food, and sights; fashion is just another one for the list. Roberto Cavalli historically is known for his collection of evening gowns. The new era introduced day-wear clothing and accessories, including shoes, handbags, leather goods and jewellery.

Extremely Rare To Find

Currently I think their last store which is in San Diego California is closed due to COVID-19. Their north American branch who was in charge of most of their stores in the states filed for bankruptcy, so in turn many stores closed. It's important that I mention there are various types of bankruptcy, commonly referred to by their chapter within the U.S. bankruptcy code. Many business owners will see it as a fresh start, but it will stay on your credit reports for a number of years. It's good to keep that in mind when you hear the word bankruptcy, just because a business files for it doesn't necessary mean their broke or "closing shop" it all depends on their chapter within the bankruptcy code.


High-End Elegance At A Reasonable Price

These bags are incredibly beautiful and its been sometime since I've felt calfskin leather, if you're not familiar calfskin leather is a leather that is made from juvenile cattle. It's popular in high-fashion due to its soft and luxurious feel. In the high-fashion world the words veau velours which is French for "velvet calf" are often used to describe this leather. The detailing and craftsmanship within these bags will truly blow you away like it did to me. I hope you fall in love with these bags just like I did if only for a moment.


The Guilty Woman Now Has Cavalli Class


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