Why Thailand is My Dream Destination

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Aerial photo of body of water and beach

Like most people I'm always day dreaming and manifesting my ideal life. And I'm often going back to the same place I really can't wait to-go Thailand. I can't count how many times I planned to go to Thailand but then it fell through(because I only have two hands!)so I've done my fair share of research and I know exactly how I would spend my time there. If you we're ever wondering more about Thailand or still on the fence on why its an amazing and perfect "dream destination" please read on.


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I've always had a weak spot for Thai food and all things spicy! With its internationally known street foods & markets it's almost impossible for you to not find something you enjoy. If you are someone who likes to experiment with food and don't mind spice you're going to enjoy Thai food. Thailand is one of those countries that has influences from other places and it shows in their food! An explosion of many flavors, textures, and heat levels;)



boat on beach with rock island in distance

Being a tropical destination you can already assume that there are plenty of beautiful beaches to lay around on. The awesome thing about Thailand is a good amount of their beaches are small islands that you can only get to by boat! And often times no cars are allowed on the island so you can expect a tranquil environment. 

Jungle Tours

brown bridge in the middle of green jungle

Photo by icon0.com from Pexels

Thailand has over 60 forest parks dense with vines, animals, and waterfalls! You can book jungle tours and explore caves and even hitch a ride on an elephant!! Two things I've always thought of when I think Thailand and that's food and nature, if you're like myself and rather spend your time in nature and not at a club(no probably if you do Thailand has a great nightlife too)I highly recommend adding a jungle tour if you plan to-go!



inside blue buddah temple

Photo by icon0.com from Pexels

My last point speaks for itself! Thai temples are some of the most beautiful architecture in the world and I'm pretty sure you can recognize just by looking. They are so unique and otherworldly and even built using unusual materials like beer bottles, wood, and stone. They are surely a sight to be seen and experienced.

So, did I do a good job at convincing you to add Thailand to your dream destination list? Was it the food, beaches, jungles, or perhaps the temples that did it? Either way I'm excited to revisit this post and add experiences once I finally get to go!
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