The Luxury Bag That's Inexpensive: Versace Jeans Review

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The Luxury Bag That's Inexpensive: Versace Jeans Review

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Like most women I usually look for a "no nonsense" type of bag when it comes to my everyday bag. When I stumbled upon this Green Croc-Embossed it immediately caught my eye and I knew that I had to have it. My sister-in-law works with the factories that creates the goods for Italian brands like Fendi & Genny so I was lucky enough to snag one. I knew soon as I saw that candy green apple color she was going to be mine.

I was never even aware of the fact Versace had a diffusion brand, but to my surprise a lot of luxury brands have done this and sometimes they do so well they branch out into their own entity(think Prada to Miu Miu). Versace Jeans is a diffusion(sister brand) line from Versace it is inexpensive and targeted at a younger audience. Versace Jeans was made for the Versace fan to dress more modern and casual at social occasions. It's main focus is informal clothing, high-end denim, and bags & purses for every occasion.

I'm delighted to write my first of many bag review and I hope it brings you the insight you were looking for. Lets go!




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I easily feel in love with the croc pattering of this bag. The classic gold chain strap is a luxury goods give away, I am constantly getting comments on this bag! The fact that all the croc bags come in statement colors(green, blue, red)just lets you know that you're going to be the center of attention.




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Coming into this I didn't have much expectation with this bag at one point I almost felt worried it was only "love at first sight" and I was going to end up not using it like many other bags. This crossbody can actually carry a good amount of stuff! It has two sections, a zipped pocket for money where I usually put my cosmetics. The other two pockets are able to fit my big Coach wallet, sunglasses, keys, an apple, pen, note paper, and a lot more at the end of the day I manage to stuff a surprising amount of note paper.





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Created for a younger consumer with a more casual style and daily use in mind. Verace Jeans purses & bags are made from eco-friendly leather which is made from both real leather and elastic. The process they do to it is exactly the same with real leather and many designers are pushing away from using real leather just look at Stella McCartney, she never uses real animals anymore!




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The best thing about diffusion brand's is their affordable and anyone can buy them so that makes them easily obtainable. Unlike it's higher priced sister brand, but of course with higher end luxury products you're not just buying the name you're buying quality that lasts. Something to keep in mind is the factories that make these higher end products are also making the lower end products as well. Often times it's more convenient to go for the inexpensive luxury bag you won't break the bank and as far as value goes you still will get the recognition that comes with the brand for half the price.


Staying Power

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Women have been wearing animal prints for decades but now since sustainability and the question of where things are coming from are being raised. Luxury brands like Stella McCartney, Versace, & Michael Kors are paving the way by showing you don't have to compromise quality while being eco-friendly. My guess is croc and  many other types of emboss bags will always be in style.


Overall Rating

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Overall, I highly recommend getting your hands on one of these Versace Jeans croc embossed bags. She's sophisticated, shes roomy, and she'll have everyone asking about her. I have been using my croc-crossbody for almost 2 months now with no sign of wear and I'm very happy with her!




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