About Us - Meet Alessio & Sharron Giambenini

About Us

Meet Alessio & Sharron Giambenini, the fam behind The Guilty Woman

From Italy to California! Being from two iconic places in the sense of style & culture is how we were able to develop the knowledge for taste, fashion sense, & fashion styling. However, we never understood why luxury has to be serious, boring, and especially expensive.

Don’t we all want to feel like we are walking the red carpet when we go to work, to a party or simply to go buy groceries? Don’t we all struggle to find the right accessory that goes with that top we bought last season to go to a party and suddenly you realize you have nothing that goes with it?? Don’t we all feel a little bit Guilty? Well, if you answered yes to any of the statements above, my dear you’re home!

Here at The Guilty Woman we make it easy for you to be always on top of your fashion game. We offer luxury authentic brands at off-price. Our online boutique always keeps you stocked and informed on the latest fashion trends keeping your unique style and wallet alive. In fact, we offer limited stock availability on some of the most iconic brands the world has ever seen at an amazing price.