Meet Alessio & Sharron Giambenini

Alessio & Sharron Giambenini The Guilty Woman Owner

The Guilty Woman is a startup online fashion retailer offering the latest Italian designer brands at spectacular prices. We are committed to providing our customers with knowledge of what's in trend and always strive for the best possible service. We promise only authentic designer brands backed up by authenticity numbers and/or certificates. The Guilty Woman is established in Santa Monica, CA and we operate from our home office.  


We source our products directly from Italy’s biggest warehouses and we pride ourselves on our overseas business relationships, always guaranteeing quality and the best possible price.   
Here at The Guilty Woman we make it easy for you to be always on top of your fashion game. Our online boutique always keeps you stocked and informed on the latest fashion trends keeping your unique style and wallet alive. We encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list to take advantage of unique discounts and be informed on our latest collections. We have limited stock availability on some of the most iconic brands the world has ever seen at an amazing price. 

 TheGuiltyWoman Team