6 Tips To Maintain Healthy Hair

6 Tips To Maintain Healthy Hair

6 Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair 

There are many hair types from fine, curly, wavy, to coily. Despite what some might think all hair types are equally beautiful. It’s important to know hair care is self-love, and in order to practise it you must take care of your hair. It’s paramount you learn what texture, curl pattern, porosity, and density your hair has. Thankfully there are some top

6 tips for Healthy Hair Everyone Should Know

Avoid heat 

If you’re serious about keeping your hair healthy then it’s best to not put any heat on your sensitive tresses. If it’s not absolutely necessary I would recommend sticking with a more natural style. But, if you’re someone who keeps their hair straight or blown out there are some things you should keep in mind before possibly damaging your hair. Whether your hair is straight or coarse, never start heat styling without first applying a heat protectant, your hair needs that extra layer of protection. When heat reaches to 266(130°C) degrees you’ve reached the hair damage zone. Keratin proteins that give hair strength start to break down and the cuticle begins to crack, losing it’s protective ability. Hair will become dry and brittle, because moisture will have a hard time seeping into the hair shaft. A weekly hair mask with rich ingredients like jojoba oil will help rebuild hair in between heat styling. 

Use the right products

It may seem very obvious, but sometimes we forget to buy the appropriate products for our hair, especially when we see something on sale. Also, make sure they are of good quality. As we said before, hair care is self-care. Therefore, do not skip on buying good products. Avoid these chemicals when shopping for new and old products: Isopropyl Alcohol(makes hair dry), propylparaben or benzylparaben(preservative, cancer risk.), Sulfates(deplete the naturally produced sebum). However, if you have doubts, consult a professional so they can help guide you. As for the masks, emphasize applying it to the ends to prevent them from splitting. Another option is to use moisturizing oils and leave them for 5 minutes before rinsing them off.

Wash your head the right way

Remember that hair is sensitive. Therefore, do not wash or rinse it with great vigor because you can damage it even more. When you apply the shampoo, conditioner, or mask, do it with your fingertips, massaging them. If you have long nails, avoid scratching your head with these at all costs not to damage your hair and make it more fragile. A very important tip for caring for healthy hair is the water temperature. Never wash your head with hot water. Do it with lukewarm or warm water, and do not forget to rinse all the products well so that there are no traces.

Dry your hair with an old shirt

When you get out of the shower, don't use a towel to dry your hair, use a cotton t-shirt. A towel is too rough for your hair, the shirt allows the hair to absorb the moisture without getting roughed up. Drying hair with a shirt helps prevent frizzy hair, and who doesn’t love that? And if you don’t like the idea of using a shirt to dry your head, you can buy a microfiber towel that is lightweight and gives off the same smoothing effect as the shirt. Using a microfiber towel works perfect for curly hair textures, who know too well about frizzy locks.

Use the right tools

If you have fine hair, get a wide, natural bristle brush and combs. These are very good for detangling hair. For curly hair, get a wet brush, this is the only detangling brush you’ll need. If you have a knot it will find it, you can also use it on dry hair. To make your hair even more manageable, use a suitable knot-loosening leave-in conditioner. In this way, you will avoid pulling your hair out, the goal is to have your hair loose as possible before detangling. Remember to always do it delicately and carefully.

Put your hair up when you go to sleep

Women with coarse hair texture have been putting their hair up at night for centuries. A good trick is to gather up all your hair with bobby pins or silk hair scrunchie, and protect it with a silk scarf and sleep with it on. In this way, you will prevent your hair from getting tangled, broken, and frizzy. In addition to the advice we have given you, you should keep in mind that you must eat a healthy and balanced diet so that your hair remains healthy. And avoiding dyes, perms, highlights, straightening, and other treatments, as much as possible. If you apply any, always do it in a beauty salon that you know the person is a trusted professional and that uses good quality products. By following these tricks, caring for your hair will be much easier, and you will see that with consistency you will gain beautiful and healthy hair. 

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