Secrets to Achieving Timeless Beauty

Secrets to Achieving Timeless Beauty

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Secrets to Achieving Timeless Beauty

Fashion & beauty is forever changing and evolving with the times but there always seems to be those cult classics that stand the test of time. Keeping timeless fashion & beauty  at the forefront of your mind is the best kept secret for looking effortlessly beautiful. Timeless fashion looks good and fits everyone well and often is a good investment. In this post I'm going to explain what I mean when I say "timeless" and give you some examples on how you can start incorporating this into your daily life right away!


What is "Timeless Beauty & Fashion"

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When someone says you have timeless beauty be sure to take it as a compliment! That's just a way of saying your looks; be it your skin, hair, or nails can hold up over time. When speaking of timeless fashion that means no trend nor fad can stand against it. Timeless fashion sets the standard and the trend.


Red Lipstick

four red lipstick tubes open

Photo by Dids from Pexels

And how many times has a blogger named red lipstick on how to look effortlessly chic? ALOT. That's because a bold lip is the easiest way to look put together without over doing it. One of the key elements to looking timeless is keeping things simple. And nothing says timeless like a bold lip, one swipe of mascara, and fresh skin!


Fresh Skin

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Going off the same effect a bold lip has, fresh bare skin is the same way! I know what you're thinking, noway I'm going out without my face on. You can still wear foundation just don't over apply! When I say fresh skin I mean, clean and healthy skin- Think "natural makeup" makeup- I personally like to use concealer instead of foundation on all my problem areas it gives me a lighter touch but still full coverage(I think I sense a new blog post).


Minimal Makeup

woman applying creme to face

By now I think it's safe to assume you sense a pattern here right? Having a timeless look is all about keeping things simple. And your makeup is no different, no need to cake on the foundation or wear a crazy smokey eye. Less really does say more when trying to keep a timeless appearance! Mascara and carefully placed concealer is like my go-to daily makeup, sometimes I'll add a little bronzer if I'm trying to give it a little extra something. 


Drink water(No Seriously)

glass bottle h2O

I can't write about beauty without speaking how important drinking water and lots of it is so important. Ever notice those days were your makeup isn't looking quite right, and hair won't listen to you and you're wondering why? Try and think about how much water you had that day! In order to have beautiful fresh skin you need to take care of it from the inside out and make sure it is hydrated! I get it sometimes it's not always easy to remember to drink enough water, I often have to set a reminder on my phone and drink my water infused with lemon or cucumber to spice it up!


Keep Clothing Simple

long sleeve polka dot on hanger

Want to know how fashion girls look stylish in the simplest of outfits? They choose well-fitted clothing! Wearing clothing that hugs your body properly is the key to looking put together without putting much work or thought into it. Wearing fitted clothing is for all body times! If you have a slimmer body type like myself then wearing a sheath style dress would look the best for your body, and for my fuller ladies you should look out for all A-line dresses!


Don't Fall Into Fads

woman holding neon vinyl record

Photo by YURI MANEI from Pexels

It's a trap! If you want to look timeless, chic, and ahead of the curve be careful not to fall into fads. Fads are these trends that get really popular really quick but don't have any long lasting standing point. It's important to always stay true to oneself and wear what reflects your personal style and not what everyone else is wearing or says to wear.



woman smiling holding white book

A wise man once said a happy woman, is a sexy woman. If you're not happy with your appearance you're not going to feel good and if you don't feel good you're not going to look good. You can wear the best makeup and clothes money can buy but if you're not feeling truly happy within it will reflect on the outside.



If you can take anything from this post take this, the key to timelessness is confidence and awareness of your health and life. Take care of yourself by drinking enough water, being true to yourself and personal style, and remembering there is always someone who finds you more beautiful then you find yourself.


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