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7 Tips to Reboot Your Energy for the Year Ahead



Regardless of where we are in the world and the culture to which we belong, every time a new year is about to begin; we want it to start in the best way. This new year has to be full of positive energy. Start off on the right foot, and don't miss any opportunity you get. It's time to set new goals, new challenges, and change what you really don't like! But to achieve that, it is necessary to commit to yourself and work intelligently on what you want to achieve. You could even challenge yourself this year with an ambitious goal. Yes, there is always still time.

 The first thing you must do to be successful and achieve the goals you set for yourself is to adopt new habits and establish routines that will lead you to achieve it. If you put your mind to it, you can really make a change that lasts, not just one that you will make in January.


I leave you 7 very simple tips to reboot your energy for the year ahead!


1- Write all your goals down

It is time to use that beautiful planner you gave yourself. Start writing down those resolutions you thought of while eating your 3rd slice of pie, it may be the same thing you said last New Year. Make it clear which ones you can achieve in the short, medium, and long-term; it's easier to keep track of this with a calendar.


2- Leave all the bad in 2020

Surely 2020 was a year like a roller coaster; the corona pandemic changed everything. However, the healthiest thing you can do is leave all the negative in the past and learn from it so that it does not carry over into 2021. Don't surround yourself with toxic things and people that will only bring the same thing into your life. Even though it's the last month of the year and this whole pandemic dilemma seems to have no end, don't buy into negativity. Practice self-discipline and stay focused with your goals and new habits.  


3- Be consistent 

One of the main keys to success is consistency. Nobody gets what they want overnight. Work for what you want, look for the necessary tools, and fight to achieve all your purposes. Keep learning, keeping growing, and keep pushing on no matter what.


4- Motivation

It is very real that having motivation drives us to achieve things. Visualize yourself with the objective achieved. Also, if you have a photo of what you want to achieve on hand, it will further reinforce your hope of achieving it. Change the background image on your phone to your manifest goal to be reminded daily.


5- Clear your mind

Forget everything- Past, especially if it is negative. Take a weekend to clear your mind, analyze what your fears are, and look for solutions to be able to face them. Ideally, you should be prepared for whatever it is, so you can face any situation that gets in your way. Head on.


6- Know your limits

Everyone has a limit, and it is important that you learn to understand it. This doesn't mean that you stop looking for alternative options for removing the barriers. Focus on important and positive goals, and choose the next actions to advance each of them.

 Remember, things take time. Don't miss all of the opportunities that are coming your way.


7- Learn to practice gratitude

Advance, aim high, and look back and learn to be thankful for what you have accomplished and what you have every day.



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