10 Black Owned Businesses to Shop

10 Black Owned Businesses to Shop

10 Black Businesses to Shop at Now


I decided I will share with you some Black businesses that I either love or I'm inspired by, and don't worry when I make these list they will be about business from all types of industries.

Unfortunately, I was a bit bias making this, I ended up putting a good amount of fashion or beauty brands(Oops!). In the coming weeks I will post a more intensive list. This is my way to make these predominantly white industries more diverse and help shine a light and bring awareness to these amazing brands.


1. The Guilty Woman

The Guilty Woman cover image | The Guilty Woman 

The Guilty Woman is an online retailer specializing in women's luxury accessories. They've recently launched a digital editorial discussing many topics from business, wellness, and beyond.   


2. The Honey Pot Co

the honey pot.co cover image | The Guilty Woman

 I personally been wanting to try The Honey Pot Co for sometime now, but sadly it's always sold out at my local Target. The Honey Pot Co is a feminine care line that is plant-based, biodegradable, and cruelty-free. And if that's not enough to love them, then maybe their down-to-earth catchphrase "made by humans with vaginas for humans with vaginas"



3. Golde

golde_superfoods | The Guilty Woman

Golde is a holistic brand offering superfood powders as well as beauty masks. They focus on wellness through natural foods and beautifully-yummy customizable drinks.



4. Pyer Moss

 PYER MOSS | The Guilty Woman

Pyer Moss continues to redefine itself every season with collections and runways that combine storytelling, activism, debate, theatre and social commentary; all while using collaboration with artists and brands as a medium to further the dialogue around seasonal themes. Offering both women & menswear. Pyer Moss is one of those brands that is for the people and by the people, I'm always so delighted to see BPOC on all of his campaigns. Growing up you'd be lucky to see one Black model on a spread like this, and to see many shades not just on all of his campaigns but his runway shows too, is amazing and I'm so happy BPOC are finally making their way to the spotlight again.


5. The Lip Bar

the lip bar | The Guilty Woman

The Lip Bar is a vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand that is changing the way we think about beauty. Their mission is to make makeup easy again and accessible for all skin tones. Their most popular shade, Rebel is a classic bold burgundy lipstick that applies like a lip gloss and dries matte-- This shade has been sold out every time I check at my local Target *fingers crossed* I get to try it soon.  


6. Uoma Beauty

uoma beauty_The Guilty Woman

Pronounced O-Ma, Uoma Beauty is a makeup brand founded by Nigerian born Sharon Chuter. Sharon has a very hands-on approach to creating a brand that is forward thinking. She draws inspiration from her African heritage and the way she combines it with modern flare is truly aesthetically refreshing.



7. LaQuan Smith

LaQuan Smith_ The Guilty Woman

Designing for an unapologetically sexy woman with strong silhouettes. LaQuan speaking about his inspiration, “I’m inspired by a woman who is heartbroken and ready to regain her confidence and bad bitch-ness. The collection is super tough and it feels more modern than ever.” Famous faces like Rihanna and Beyoncé have endorsed the fierce designer. I love how playful and fearless his designs have been and I'm excited to see what else he creates, and to get my hands on one of his designs!


8. Pattern Beauty

Pattern Beauty_ The Guilty Woman

Created by Tracee Ellis Ross, Pattern focuses on hair health & empowerment of each hair texture. Two things people think of when they think of Tracee Ellis Ross, first is that Diana Ross is her mother, and second that she has amazingly beautiful full hair. When I found out she was creating her own hair line I got excited-- finally I'm going to find out her hair secrets-- And find them out I did, Pattern Beauty has everything a curly haired person would need. From deep conditioner to hair picks they have it all and more.


9. Buttah Skin

Buttah Skin_ The Guilty Woman

Buttah Skin is a skincare brand that makes products for both men and women. Their products are specially designed to help melanin rich skin tones get the attention it needs, focusing on issues like: dryness, discoloration, oiliness, and among others. Using only organically-clinically proven ingredients and always cruelty-free. 


 10. The Sip

The Sip_ The Guilty Woman

The Sip is a subscription box of sparkling wine. Members can choose from a monthly or yearly subscription, and are than sent 3 mini bottles of sparkling wine, in the box also comes a guide to tell you exactly what you're sipping on and it's history. I'm a sucker for brunch and since we're all spending more time at home this seems like such a match made in heaven *heart eyes*




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