How to Save Money for the Holidays

How to Save Money for the Holidays



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Cheer up that little face; the holidays are coming! How wonderful is the holiday season? Being able to escape the pressures of daily life, for a few days is always something to get excited about. Many of us looking forward to this time of year.

Whether you're traveling across the country or staying home downing nog, there is one thing you're going to need.


 Nearly everyone's financial income has been effected by this pandemic, one way or another. Many losing jobs and life savings all within a few months. This pandemic has taught many that tomorrow is not promised and in order to establish financial security, one needs a stable stream of income(multiple streams). Applications for new businesses are at their peak height since 2007. "Square, a company that helps companies process credit card payments, said one in three of its new clients in the second quarter of 2020 were new businesses" 

Considering how emotionally charged this year has been, I think a little holiday indulgent is just what we all need. You deserve a break, so manage your expenses properly, and you can afford it without a pang of conscience. The key concept is to maintain the necessities and refrain from unnecessary consumption. Here we give you some tips on how to do it:




1) Eat and dine at home



Who doesn't love to eat out? Theres something so relaxing about ordering "contactless" food deliver via my iphone, but how treacherous it actually is. The first thing we advise is to eliminate, whenever possible, visits to restaurants and ordering takeout. It is one of the most expensive and therefore, one of the most effective ways to save.

Cooking at home is by far a healthier option than ordering takeout. Also, combined dinners can be organized with friends and family, making it a fun and budget friendly plan.


2) Minimize your outings



Another way to eliminate small expenses is by reducing outings and leisure activities, both day and at night. You should defer from partying, social gatherings, and cultural activities such as museums or exhibition. Although sometimes they seem like only small expenses, the end of the month's total can give us a little scare.


3) Reduce fuel costs



Maintaining and using a car is quite expensive. Using it is essential, but maintaining it is not so much.

Whenever possible, we recommend replacing car trips with public transportation or bicycle trips. In addition to being much cheaper, which is our main objective, we save time, exercise, and contribute to respecting the environment. You will be surprised with what you will save!


4) No unnecessary shopping



Sorry, but this is necessary. We know that you want to impulse-buy during this time of year, but don't go overboard.

Obviously, you will have to do essential purchases, such as food (we don't want you to starve), But this is not the case with clothes, shoes, makeup, or other similar items that are unfortunately not a matter of life and death. Also, you should only shop sales to buy what you really want.

Buy what you need, but with your head and common sense. Always take advantage of offers and discount coupons.


5) Control water and electricity at home



These types of expenses are mandatory. However, they can always be controlled, so we can go the extra mile to reduce monthly bills.

During this pandemic era we all unfortunately are in, you and your family are likely using more energy. It's easy to be careless and forget to unplug a charger when not in use. Simply being mindful of appliances being plugged into sockets can save you dollars on your utility bill.


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