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Why You Should Shop At Small Businesses

Why You Should Shop At Small Businesses 

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In our now rapidly changing world things we've once came to call routine has now been swapped out for a new set of rules and policies. Most of us are home now trying to keep our same routines and trying to figure out how to 'work from home" as if that doesn't have it's own set of problems. We're all trying to grasp on to normality and ride this wave of unknowing into the new world order.

And where the light is not often shed is onto small business owners, like myself. As a small business owner I have developed the entrepreneurship that I needed to even get to where I am now(and I have a long way to go). It is a hard grind that takes dedication, motivation, and constancy! People think just because you have a business you are living the good life and always making money but that is far from the actual truth. Small business owners hardly make any money and most of their income goes directly back into their business.

I'm saying all of this merely on an educational base, even myself I thought just because I have a business I was going to have lots of extra income and I was always going to have tons of views on my website, but that is not true. The truth is you have to work! Everything you put into your business you will get back and the example being, I haven't been so creative during quarantine so I wasn't writing any post or making any content and because of that my views on my website have gone down extremely and engagement on social media hasn't been like it use to. Please keep in mind The Guilty Woman only launched 4 months ago, so staying consistent is very important in these early days.

Here are my top reasons why you should always shop small businesses. 

They Provide Better Customer Service

The biggest advantage a small business has over a big retailer is one-on-one customer support. Small business owners strive to have top notch customer satisfaction because they know how devastating one bad review can be.

Small businesses provide greater access to product diversity  

Small businesses and big box businesses often have the access to the same products. If a small business doesn't have an item or style you are looking for, ask them! Often then not they will order that product for you which can't be said about bigger companies.

Small businesses create a sense of community

You're more likely to get to know a small business owner on a personal level then a bigger company. Small business owners are more likely to get involved in and give back to the community because there are still actively apart of the community.


Small business are famous for proving personalized services, original service, and face-to-face conversations. And of course that's not saying big chains can't provide all of this, but there's something about learning the history of an independent brand and the backstory of each item that sets them apart.

You're Going To Feel Good

Would you rather buy an ok coffee from Starbucks and feel guilty after or would you rather buy it from your local coffee shop and have it made with love? The thing about small business is, each customer is treated as if they are the very first because they know how important it is to retain them.

Shopping and supporting small businesses doesn't have to be only on "Small Business Saturdays" Any day that you can! Need to buy eggs? Stop by your local market and chat up the owner. Get vocal on social media! Post pictures and tweet about local business in your area. Tag them using #ShopSmallBusiness and other similar hashtags.


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