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12 Dating Tips for Busy People


We live in a fast paced world, and everyone is busy no matter what field or business you work in. It goes without saying that dating is hard, especially these days, but don't fret! We are here to show you how to manage your time and your love life so you can go back to being the boss b*tch that you are. 


Assess your busy routine


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Make your mind clear about your time and how many hours you are working. Decide how much of your life and time you can dedicate to your potential love.

Clear your mindset between working time and dating time then you will get the chance to enjoy the company of your loved.


Make your way to communicate





Communication is the key to your relationships. Many prefer calling to make plans, but busy people like you and I, would rather a text or detailed email.

It helps if you clarify your communication style, but try and keep an open mind. You wouldn't want to miss out on a great potential lover just because you couldn't take a 2-minute phone call.



Be sure your goals align with your values


 It is the best practice for you to align your values and your priorities for future life. Where are you trying to be in 5 years? Is there room for a life partner in your plans?

We often jump into dating for one of many reasons, loneliness. Although human-interaction is important make sure you know your intentions with each person.



Dating apps


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I know, dating apps are a bit of a nuisance, but if you are busy, then it's probably the best option for your schedule.

Lucky for you Tinder isn't the only option when it comes to finding a match. These days there are hundreds if not thousands of options all tailored to your unique lifestyle and habits.


Make sure your ideas of "downtime" are similar 



When we are busy, we have many ideas regarding how we enjoy time with our partners. Maybe your ideal way of unwinding from a long week is cuddling up to your latest book in a quiet room? You want to try and look for a partner who has similar if not complimentary downtime habits.



Schedule your dates, and keep them.


 Isn't canceling plans the best? Because it's simply easier to do nothing at all. Being a busy bourgeoise, you may find yourself canceling plans left and right. But if you're serious about dating(as serious one can be)you're going to need to schedule and keep these dates. See your day-time encounters as an important appointment or business meeting.


 Time for yourself


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We are all guilty of it, wasting our time by scrolling down other peoples lives and hardly paying any attention to our own life.

So try to have a particular time for yourself in which you are disconnected from the world. You can write down your goals for the week and focus on a set plan. 



Sort your priorities


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You can only have as good as a time as you let yourself. Dating and meeting new people should be a fun & exciting experience, but it won't be if you're freaking out about deadlines and constantly checking your phone for the time.

You need to be fully present to enjoy another persons company. I know we said to treat your dates like a business meeting for scheduling, but remember it isn't actually work.




Trust your intuition 



Everyone has a different mental capacity. Try to accept your capabilities and enjoy your life according to that by spending good working hours and family time. It helps you to become stress-free and happy for the rest of your life.


Discuss common interests


 If both of you like watching movies and shows, then try to consider this and plan accordingly. Try to communicate with each other before making a plan and enjoy quality time.



Ask friends for support

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Another great tip for dating, is getting your friends involved. If you're serious about wanting to find someone it could be in your best interest to let your friends know. Often, their the ones who can hold you accountable. 



Mid-day dates are your friend 

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Easiest way to take the pressure off of dating? Don't assume anything. You think first encounters are meant for dark dive bars only? Not anymore, day-dates are by-far the easiest way to casually get to know someone. We are now in 2021 and we are all too busy to be waiting for an oddly-specific nighttime affair. If you are feeling this person, why wait?

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