7 Ways To Practice Self Love

7 Ways To Practice Self Love

7 Ways to Practice Self Love

You have probably been told to "develop your self-love." Today, self-love is just as naturally spoken about as healthy eating or regular exercise. Since the beginning of the pandemic four out of ten adults(about 40%)have reported symptoms of anxiety or depression. Extensive studies showing older adults(65 and older) being less likely to report having depression, even with the connection of loneliness and increase risk of dementia and suicide. Mental health for many is still a taboo topic even after health professionals stress the importance of talking out one's inner thoughts.

But what if you find it difficult to love yourself?

Do you feel rejection or a guilty conscience because it is not so easy for you to look at yourself lovingly? Does the thought create additional pressure on you? "Now, I have to work on my self-love in addition to everything else I need to do..."

Your path to self-love can be easy, liberating, and completely free from judgment. You don't have to do anything, accomplish anything, or be anything to learn and feel self-love. You don't have to keep deadlines, or meet expectations. You can be just the way you are.

Ways to practice self love

  1. Change your reaction to compliments. 

We have been taught to say things like "Oh, it's not that bad," "You're exaggerating", "I'm not that good" when people compliment us. It is often our way of showing "humility," but it is definitely something we have to eliminate. Humility has nothing to do with minimizing our qualities and abilities. Being aware of the good work we do is not bad. You can substitute these phrases for this: "Thank you very much" "Your compliment means a lot to me" "I'm glad you liked my work."

  1. Celebrate your life.

Please don't wait for a person to do it for you. Set aside some time to enjoy your own company. Go to a coffee shop to write, think about your future projects, or even just take a breath. These are activities that will help you get to know yourself and feel comfortable with yourself.

  1. Personal care as a priority. 

Due to the rush of the day, we deprive ourselves of eating at the times we should, sleeping the necessary amount of hours, and taking the time to exercise. Without realizing it, this has become "normal," when in reality, it is very harmful to our body and our mind. If we make space in our agendas to comply with the basic care that we must give ourselves, our body will not hesitate to thank us, that is why you perform more and have a better spirit when all of these things fall into place.

  1. The one next door sticks. 

Evaluate your closest group. Remember that the one who walks in honey something sticks to him. Try to have a group of friends that evokes a positive atmosphere, because the good also passes. You deserve an environment where you can grow, not where you feel stuck. Normally when a flower doesn't grow, we don't change the flower, we change the pot or soil. It works the same with us, if you feel that your closest group does not contribute and only stagnates you, you are free to make the decision to change the land.

  1. Embrace gratitude. 

I invite you to make the first thing you do every morning when you wake up is to be thankful for life, for what you have, and for what you have achieved up to this point. Practising gratitude in the mornings can change your entire day. Being aware of our reality and accepting it helps us realize that we have many good things, that we have achieved with effort.

  1. No more racing. 

Loving each other is understanding that we are different. We are neither the slowest nor the fastest, our rhythm is unique, and we must respect it and, above all, learn to handle it. Do not compare yourself to others, enjoy your own path, and may the achievement of the next one motivate you, not envy.

  1. Two letters: NO. 

A simple but complicated word to say for many. The reality is that it does not cause us much pain, because we think that the other person is going to feel hurt or rejected. It's okay to say no when you don't feel like going out somewhere or don't have time to add one more task to your schedule. You can use phrases like: "I can't, but maybe another day" "I don't want to, I need some time alone," "No, thanks."



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