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10 Fall 2020 Fashion Trends

10 Fall Fashion Trends


Fashion fanatics look to designers for the next innovative styles only this season things ran a bit differently. With stay-at-home orders in full effect and The US even as I write this, beginning to re-shut down. It's a no-brainer to assume that the pandemic has influenced designers and in turn, creates trends that directly show today's world. This season a lot of designers used moody and dark colors. And it seemed they were heading back to the past as if looking back on a simpler time both culturally and worldly. In times of crisis, the fashion industry often takes a step back and reflect on habits of the past and this pandemic is no different. Recycling trends is a way for designers to express current events without the fear of disheartening fans with too abrasive of concepts. Because who isn't fond of a plaid skirt?


1.) Disco Metallic

woman standing against wall in sequined pants

Metallic is one of those tones that instantly adds a bit of glamour, no matter the form it's in. And this season when looking for a way to freshen up your cozy sweaters and thinking of what to pair with your high-boots considering moody metallics like muted golds and silver sequins. The once New Years Eve-only attire now has made its way into our daily lives and materialized as that pair of sparkly bell-bottoms you're always eyeing in your closet. This season we all get the chance to treat our day-to-day life as if it was one big end of the world party. Because it just might be. To achieve this look pair a gold blazer with black jeans and matching mules. For a more adventurous look, opt for a sequins bodysuit.



2.) Punky Plaid

woman holding Gucci bag wearing a plaid skirt

 The history of plaid goes back farther than most would care to know. Plaid is a heritage print and its origin is of Scotland, the true name for this pattern is actually tartan and only here in North America do we mistakenly call it that. Brands like Burberry have made a whole image based on this print alone. In the past, we've seen designers use plaid in the classic "grunge" aesthetic only this time the criss-cross pattern is accompanied by both bright and muted tones. You really can see a sign of the times with what colors the designers decided to use, lots of muted colors. We saw a lot of nudes and neutral tones for summer and that same vibe is playing out for this fall as well. The pandemic has made people realize that there are more important things to stress over then what you're wearing, so I strongly believe this "undone" and neutral style is going to be carried into 2021. To attain this timeless look, go for a simple gingham-check top with jeans.


3.) Coven All Black

a woman sitting next to a fountain and wearing all black

Are you catching on to a theme here? Yes, wearing all black isn't a new trend nor is it groundbreaking(shocking)but what fashion-loving person doesn't adore debuting an all-black outfit and looking and feeling instantly chic. For those living in metropolitan cities like New York, this is their daily uniform, because it takes little to no effort choosing a few black items and running out of the door. The best way to spice this up is to play with texture, ruffles, puffy sweaters, seriously anything goes. Try black high-waisted jeans, with silk black button-up, and matching booties.


4.) Intimates Everyday

woman wearing a lingerie top

We've now made it to my second favorite trend for Fall, everyday lingerie. Going off the same theme of uncomplicated outfits, everyday lingerie fits perfectly into this. Designers this season focused on a key element for many women, effortlessly transitioning from day-to-night. This season we've seen every style and combination you could think of, from Saint Laurent's bra tops and leather pants to Dolce & Gabbana's asymmetric wrap dresses & matching sets. Everyday lingerie is now for the fate of heart, mesh tops being the only option for intimates is now a thing of the past. With the use of creative cuts, carefully placed bows, and bustiers wearing lingerie as normal clothing no longer needs to be associated with ultra confidence. We recommend trying this look, in an asymmetric and lace dress for a fresh take on this once promiscuous trend. For something a bit more daring, pair a lace bra-top with a velvet pencil skirt or leather pants in an electric color like red.


5.) A Little Prep In Your Step

Preppy Style by Gossip Girl TV Show

Say goodbye to frumpy school uniform prep looks, and say hello to fresh Ivy League style. Think "rich mom" vibe mixed with pastel colors, sweater vests, and headbands. How do you master this trend? Something plaid, exposed collars, and well-tailored blazer, and please don't forget your riding boots to truly polish this look. To give it that modern twist add quirky jewelry or a pop of color with your makeup or a chic handbag. I recommend going to your nearest thrift shop and picking out a well-fitted blazer or getting it tailored(seriously it's all in the fit)and make sure its plaid and have fun don't be afraid of colors like yellow. For tops, a simple white pussy-bow, don't forget a statement accessory jewelry or a brooch, and boots.


6.) On The Fringe

woman wearing black fringe dress

Fringe has made its way back into our lives and it seems its exactly what we all needed. This pandemic has disrupted and displace all of our lives, leaving a sense of confusion and dread in the air. Its no wonder why designers brought it back this season, fringe style has a way of instantly uplifting peoples spirits. This season designers took a futuristic approach to the classic fringe, we saw faux fur fringe, lots of fringe jackets of course, and fringe in colors we've never seen before like lime green and fuchsia. To instantly kill this look, go for a fringe skirt and matching fringe bag with either a complementing blazer or bustier to be right on-trend.


7.) Dramatic Capes

woman wearing cape

It's safe to assume we've all been feeling a little on edge giving the current climate. Designers have definitely been channeling that energy creatively, and this season you can see it in all of the collections and some more than others. Dramatic capes(often called cloaks) made their way down the runway this season. Designers like Givenchy wowed us with their regal cape dress, it was both stunning and simple. Let's not be fooled here, this isn't the same capes Count Dracula is known for. Capes aren't just for keeping warm anymore, their for making a statement. And let's be honest, on those cold mornings don't you just wish you could take your bed with you? The closest thing to wearing a blanket without compromising your outfit. Another trend that's sure to last because it's almost impossible for anyone to look bad in a cape. From ponchos, sporty capes, and pullover there is something for everyone. I personally love all these plaid belted capes, so stylish.


8.) Bourgeoisie Style

Bourgeois style

  And finally, the biggest and my most favorite trend for fall is the Bourgeoisie(Boor-Zh-wa-Zee) style. Bourgeoisie is a French term used to describe a class of people who fall between the lowest and highest of class, and the absolute chicest you can get. On the runway, that meant pussy-bow knots, 70's inspired blazers, pleated skirts, and well-fitted garments. Designers like Genny played up the aristocratic feel with extraordinary suits in colors like teal, using luscious fabrics to show the Bourgeoisie style with a modern flare. Designers took the Bourgeoisie trend as most fashion fanatics do, they mixed both classic styles and modern pieces to create a collection that seems timeless, fresh, and current. We saw it from Chanel to Hermès, the use of traditional fabrics like tweed, wool, and lace which is in the DNA of true Bourgeoisie style. Femininity was played up with the use of belts to cinch waist over big fur coats, long leather gloves, and Byzantine-style jewelry created French posh excellence. The Bourgeoisie style is definitely that one trend you should try for size if any at all. To look effortlessly posh, stick to the classics, grab a fur coat or tweed houndstooth coat and keep garments simple but well fitted. A turtleneck, riding boots, and a perfectly fitted blazer, and don't forget the Byzantine-style jewelry.


9.) Silver Is The New Black

woman wearing silver top

While donning an all-black outfit has and always will be on-trend it's safe to assume sooner or later we're all going to get a bit bored of it. What is the next best thing? Silver. This tone is usually left for nightlife but this season it's the perfect color to give you a bit of glitzy and glamour by doing the bare minimum. We have already seen designers show a liking to silver jewelry, it's because it perfectly compliments the muted and dramatic collections of this season. From Bottega Veneta to Missioni we've seen lots of chunky and dramatic silver pieces, the chain necklace has been a staple for decades and designer Bottega Veneta has really changed the way we see the chain in fashion. They have put a chain on just about everything and this season the easiest way to dip your toe into this trend is to get your self a pair of shiny chain earrings or if you're looking to invest in a piece that will come back to style, again and again, I recommend their iconic chain pouch. 



10.) Corset Crusaders

three diffirent corset images


The corset has been around in fashion for over 100 years. And many don't know that both men and women use to wear them to get a more desired silhouette. In this area of feminism mixed with the need to get dolled up that the pandemic has us feeling, you get a trend rich in sexuality and history. Traditionally corsets were designed to help women carry heavy fabrics, since back then it was custom to wear many layers. Corset boning was often made from metal, whalebone, wood, or ivory and worn with a chemise or shift smock to protect the skin from fabric burns. In the 1800 dress reformist considered corsets a "moral evil" which was promoting promiscuous views of the female body, and obvious health risk. Fast forward to 2020, more than just the moral opinion about corsets has changed. From the ultra-iconic Vivienne Westwood and newcomers Orseund Iris, it seems almost every brand has their own version of the infamous corset. The corset isn't a symbol of restriction and control anymore it is now a sign of empowerment through a sexily manner. This season is all about getting back to our roots and cutting out all the things that no longer serve us. The corset is here to stay and comes in a ray of styles from sporty, Bourgeoisie, and modest.


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