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5 Fashion Mistakes You Probably Are Making

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When it comes to fashion there seems to be a bunch of unspoken rules, people expect you to figure it out and at the same time make you feel less of a person when you get something wrong. Have you ever wondered if what you're wearing is potentially aging you or costing you a promotion at work? Read on.


1.)  Not Having A Go-To Outfit
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The first mistakes fashion newbies make is not having a go-to outfit. A go-to outfit is a staple outfit that is simple, comfy, and easy. Think classic white tee and blue jeans or all black outfit. The point is to always be able to pull it out when needed.


2.) Wearing Baggy Clothes
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Not a lot of people know this but wearing clothes that don't properly fit you can actually age you. You can have the best body and designer clothes, but if your clothes don't fit you right it won't look as good as you may hope.


3.)Copying Someone Else's Style Completely
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Don't get me wrong! It's important to have inspiration and to love people's style. But copying someone's style completely is not the way, you have to be true to yourself and your personal style. If you feel uncomfortable don't wear it.



4.) Buying Too Many Trends At Once
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Fashion is about expression. So it's important to try new styles but its good to keep in mind you don't need to try every trend you see. Not every trend is worthy.



5.) Buying Cheap Clothes
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I'm guilty of this myself! Falling into the fast-fashion fad of trying new trends from cheap "Made in China" brands. Something to keep in mind: fashion repeats itself. It's better to invest in good quality clothes that will last you then to buy cheap clothes that will only be around for a moment.

Just to summarize; make sure you buy good quality clothing that will last for years to come, make sure it fits your body well, don’t fall into every trend, and be true to your personal style!

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