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Comfy Outfits for Election Day

Comfy Outfits for Election Days

Elections are never that special for the public, but politicians and the media always refer to every election as the most crucial election of their life. But this time around, if you are following the news or not, you can clearly see that this election is different. From protest over racial injustice, toilet paper scarcity, and a declining economy. All of this in the middle of a global pandemic. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs and the health insurance that went along with it.

The most important thing anyone can do in the year 2020 is to vote and encourage others to vote.


If you are scrolling your Instagram feed regularly, like most of us, you have more than likely gone through a celebrity's post regarding this election. They are motivating others to vote and make a change, all from the comfort of their homes.


Election day is coming, and with that, many celebrities and even the common citizen is stylishly celebrating this day. Election day has no dress code, this day is meant to be for voting, not for the dressing. Here we will enlist the most common, comfortable, and the most casual looks that most people love to do on election day.


The swing voters



Swing voters take the election day as a typical day, and their voting look does not need to be anything special. Just wear anything that you like to wear on regular days. Wear your best blue jeans and basic white tee or anything else. You can add retro-looking voting buttons on your shirt. Pair your shirt or skirt with buttons along with a gray turtleneck, black booties, and black tights. It will give you a  70’s vintage vibe on Election Day. Add an aesthetically different accessory, like a marsala colored backpack and finish the look with the addition of lovely jewelry and intense lashes.


The Informed Voter



Suppose you are a student and running from your class to vote at a polling station. But you also want to add something that shows your spirit regarding election day, you can wear a graphic t-shirt(designed with anything regarding voting) and pair with a sleek blazer. Add a bag of your choice, and in that regard, I would recommend you wear a collegiate cognac backpack in a brown color. Perfect hue for Fall and it gives this warm and sophisticated feel.


The key for nailing Election day is to keep clothing and shoes comfortable, depending on where you live, your polling place may have long lines. Showing up to vote is a civil duty, having a stylish and spirited outfit comes second. You need to make yourself comfortable as well. You can wear ripped boyfriend jeans and white slip-on sneakers. Adding red lipstick can give you that extra “festive” touch you might be looking for. Or you can add a star-patterned scarf for a patriotic look.


The Suffragette



A complete white look is not only fashionable but also eye-catching in the 20th century. The full white dressing is the best way to show your appreciation regarding voting. Pair it with a white cap and pair of ripped jeans, and white or black booties.

 Make it more elegant or funky by wearing a hand full of rings and cat-eye makeup, along with deep colored lipstick.



If you do encounter trouble at the polls based on your outfit and believe you’re being unfairly denied the right to vote, call the Election Protection Hotline (866-OUR-VOTE) or the the Department of Justice Voting Rights Hotline (800-253-3931)

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