How to Dress Stylishly

How to Dress Stylishly

How to Dress Stylishly 

how to dress stylishly | The Guilty Woman

In this day and age being a modern woman is pretty much synonymous with busy. We are raising families, building businesses, keeping up with fitness goals, and traveling the world for both business and pleasure. With all of this and more on our plates one might think it’s nearly impossible to set aside time for ourselves, let alone pick out an entire outfit. Whether you’re a CEO or a stay-at-home mom we can all agree that there is power in putting on a well-coordinated ensemble. No matter what you do in life there is one thing for sure, you can’t redo a first impression. We will teach you some very useful tips on how to use the garments that are already a part of your wardrobe and how to wear them with style and strategy.

basic tee in every color, no seriously. 

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woman in black shirt and blazer | The Guilty Woman

The key to always looking fashionable is to obtain good quality basics. Your basics are your wardrobe foundation and you will learn to rely on them time-and-time again. A good basic t-shirt is the backbone of any stylish “day off”(because we never really have them)look. You’ll want to have a simple tee in all the standard colors like: black, white, and grey. This is especially important once you start mixing and matching your pieces. Once your basics are in place it’ll be much easier to “throw things on”. 

Sexy Heels

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There is something about open-toed heels that is both provocative and fun. Heels are amazing because they have the power to instantly make a simple outfit look totally stylish. We are living in the golden age of heels, gone are the days when women say they don’t wear heels because they are “not comfortable”. These aren’t your mother’s stilettos. High heels now come in all sorts of variety like block, skinny, and square. Giving women more control of their foot fashion and their lives. For the winter months, you can always opt for a leather ankle boot or thigh-high boots. A classic pair and easy outfit, combine them with skirts, creating the most stylish and modern outfits.

The power of a good blazer

woman wearing blazer

The blazer is an essential garment that should not be missing in any woman's wardrobe, especially when curating a daily look. The classic blazer in black, white, or brown tones is always a very successful way to create very discreet and elegant looks, combined with a white blouse and pants in a lighter color than the blazer. They are also chic with a dress or a skirt since it is the right touch of structure that we need to make any outfit a perfect style.

Neutrals are your new best friend 

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Once you have your basics covered like shoes and a well fitted blazer it’s time to pay attention to colors and patterns as well as accessories. For this, we propose the following tips:

  • If you have doubts when choosing a color, we recommend that you opt for neutral and simple colors. Brown, gray, or beige tones are always a hit. The less strident, the better.
  • The patterns are another issue that you must not lose sight of. The animal print combined with a single color (mainly black, brown, or white) is a good option, although in small doses only.
  • Finally, do not forget the importance of accessories. Handbags are an elegant solution that allows us to carry everything necessary. Handbags should be seen as investment pieces, so choose wisely.
  • Choose simple and not flashy small jewelry, and remember to balance out jewelry to not look overdone.

In conclusion, don’t underestimate the value of having basics in your closet. Stick to neutral colors like black, white, grey, and beige. The goal is to be able to wake up and get dressed without looking. Seamlessly picking garments and knowing all of your pieces are cohesive. A well-fitted blazer is a major key in all of this. Either invest or be on the hunt at flea markets for quality items. Good denim, good t-shirt, good color palette, good style.

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