Spring Fashion Trends 2020

Spring Fashion Trends 2020

Spring Fashion Trends 2020

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I am so happy spring is almost here! not sure about you but cold weather is not my forte and I'm looking forward to warmer days. And not only is spring my favorite season but my birthday is in spring as well! I thought it would be such a fun post to write about this years spring trends and how to take it from the runway into your every day life. Before we get started it's important I mention something about trends, they repeat. The life cycle of a trend is a circle whatever is popular now will decrease in popularity and comeback again. I always recommend to people if there is a trend or style that you love to invest in the quality of it, that way when it's back again you can just pull it out of retirement and you have this timeless piece.

The biggest reason why I love spring fashion is because there are literally so many wardrobe items. Unlike hot summer days, spring weather is a mix of warm sunny days and breezy afternoons! So you can expect to see flowy dresses, cropped jackets, every length of sleeve, and denim. Now that that's out of the way whose ready to find out this years top spring trends? Let's go!




woman wearing blue crochet dress

Remember that little handmade top you were unsure about because it looked like your grandmother gave it to you? well, it's time to bring it out of retirement. This ultra-feminine, ultra-romantic number now has a modern update. Crochet is not just for a beach coverup, for a chic effortless look aim for a well fitted dress and open toed shoes. Crochet is easy to switch from spring to summer without looking outdated.


Hot Pants

woman with red hair and short shorts turned around

Like many, okay..all, trends have been popular before and hot pants is no different. Woman have been choosing to show off their tone legs in hot pants since the 1960's. Balance out your hot pants with long sleeves or go full drama with leather and high boots which is my favorite way to style them. If you're not one to show too much skin style your hot pants with black tights! You'll get the same effect.


woman with neon top

Oh, neon highlighter trend.. you always come back. I personally wish they would leave this trend in the 80's where it belongs. This trend is not for the faint of heart it is for the gal who wants to switch up their spring wardrobe and be the center of attention. Neon colors go beautifully with black, white, and tan. If this seems too much out of your comfort zone you can try with neon accessories instead, think statement earrings or clutch!


Bermuda Shorts

bermuda shorts

The take on the classic suit has a new twist. With Bermuda shorts, they give you this vacation-effortlessly-cool vibe we all wish we had constantly. And I know what you're thinking how can I pull this off? The trick is keep the colors dark and pair with a sleek button down, and so it won't stunt your height keep footwear flat.


woman in white bralette and white pants

This spring we're all taping into our feminine side. Be it with a ruffle embellished bra and high waisted skirt, or with all neutral tones. I love this trend because there is so much room for personalization and bra-tops look instantly sexy-cool with anything high waisted.

Tiered Skirts

tiered pink ruffle skirt

Tiered maxi skirts are surprisingly versatile pieces for spring! Dress them up with the right blouse and shoes, or make them more casual with a bra top and sandals. Wear it with your favorite t-shirt, sneakers or flats and instantly sophistication! This trend is for the girl who grew up wanting to be a ballerina.


60's Prints

girl in 1960's style clothes

Give that floral print a break this season and go for a more bohemian print. Look to the 60's and 70's for inspiration, and era based on freedom of expression. From the flowing silhouettes to the lively patterns, the '60s was all about having fun with fashion. This trend is probably the easiest to try just put on a flowy dress, add sandals and go!


woman wearing pink feather top

For those nights you really want to stun people. Feather trend similarly like the neon is for the courageous girl! Best way to have fun with this trend is to pair a feathered top with cool printed trousers or jeans. Aim for flouncy feathers so you don't end up looking dull and off beat. Light as a feather.


Polka Dot

woman wearing polka dot clothes

All hail the o'mighty dot! One of my all time favorite patterns and I always love seeing it back in trend. The way to freshen up this print is go for a larger dot! With a great polka dot dress make sure you look for a great silhouette and you'll be oozing sex appeal. Wear with boots or strappy sandals for all your spring weddings. I've been drooling over this one.


Comment letting me know what trend you will be trying!

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