Summer Bag Trends 2020

Summer Bag Trends 2020

woman holding white floral bag
The latest bag trends will keep you well styled. Even if the highlight of your day is the farmers market. From the classics to new favorites, come and find out what you'll be sporting all summer!


black feather bag

1960’s inspired feathers are a timeless aesthetic. Unlike many feather trends that hardly last because they require a huge commitment and it doesn’t always translate well into daily life. A feather bag is the easiest way to reap the benefits of having cosmopolitan glamour. And it’s a subtle way to let people know you like to have fun, but also like to be taken seriously.


Geometric Handles

Goyard top-handle geometric bag

Classic meets artistic. A usually simple-classic bag now has eye-catching flare. I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen these bags floating around every fashion girl on Instagram, these bags are so very unique and so fun! It’s perfect for summer, when you think of summer you think.. Warm weather, less clothes, small bags because you want to feel as free as possible. These geometric bags are in my opinion the perfect summer bag, they even have some made of natural materials like straw and bamboo to really get that beachy/vacation vibe.


Cloud Pouches

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley rocking a cloud pouch

Fit more than you can imagine in these poofy pouches. It's a carry-all in the truest sense. With this summer's cloud pouch, it's all about going big — but with the right shape and size. It's shockingly chic to go oversized. I have *heart eyes* just thinking about all the outfit changes and beauty products you can fit into this thing. I’m honestly dying to have this bag which isn’t really a bag at all it’s a pouch! That’s what makes it so cool and I love it and I love the people who are wearing them, like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Rihanna. They just make it so easy to look so very cool and I can’t get enough of it.


Luxe Beach Tote

luxe beach tote by Celine

Carrying groceries or going to the farmers market never looked more ‘hip’. There’s something about looking effortlessly cool while putting very minimum styling. There's no need to wonder why totes have been so popular this year, tote bags give you that stylized edge without over doing it. Grab a tote with a beachy vibe and pair with a white t and jeans or your favourite sundress to truly do summer right.



gucci floral shoulder bagkendall jenner wearing floral dress{Pictured, Kendall Jenner in Dolce & Gabbana)

Well it looks like floral isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and lucky for us we can deepen our love for floral by sporting a cute blossomy shoulder bag, like this one from Gucci! I swear only Gucci can take a granny floral pattern and make it stylish.



white prada basket bag

Much like the feather bag the basket bag has a rich history, The first woman to sport a basket as a handbag was the one and only, Jane Birkin. Yes the same one Hermès created the iconic Birkin for. To try this trend on for size, I recommend cropped flared jeans and an ultra feminine top.


True Green

the guilty woman's green leather shoulder bag

Here's a color you probably don't have in your handbag collection yet. This fresh, spritely green couldn't come at a better time, if you ask us. And despite its unexpectedness, it's actually quite ladylike. I have always loved green bags for a while now, green being my favorite color. There's something just so stunning about this color, a rich forest green. It’s so regal! And luckily for you every green shade is under this category, so you can even pick a lighter green if that’s more your pace/style. A bold green bag is the perfect way to classically add a pop of color with a modern flare.


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