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7 Tips to Get the Most Out of Black Friday Deals

7 Tips to Get the Most out of Black Friday Deals

black friday2020_ The Guilty Woman

Being one of the most important events in not just brick and mortar retail stores but  e-commerce too. Black Friday had a record revenue in 2019. Considering the world's current situation due to the pandemic, online shopping is the way to go. And this year’s Black Friday is expected to be even better.

Nowadays, we can say that approximately 75% of people, from the age of 10, use some device to surf the internet. For example, the most varied activities include children and teenagers taking classes online, workers working from home, people doing video-conferences, using social media, and doing all kinds of online shopping.

As for this last activity, some people are "habitual buyers," that is, people who usually buy through the internet from known and trusted sites. They are buyers who do this normally and know how to take advantage of every promotion, discount, and great offers.

As Black Friday is approaching, it is worth knowing what to do to get the best out of this event, one of the main ones is shopping via e-commerce, without a doubt.

Some interesting tips to take advantage of Black Friday

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For your next purchases to be really profitable and efficient, it is worth paying attention to the following recommendations:

  1. Compare the product you want before buying:
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Only by comparing, is it possible to discover the option of finding the cheapest product. Ideally you will compare competitors total price, shipping costs included. This is very important, because several sites only add the value of shipping after you have given the ok to purchase. This ends up being a headache because you will end up paying a more expensive price just because of that.

  1. Check the security of the company online: 
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Unfortunately, there are many fake websites. There have been cases of people who bought, for example, a cell phone, and received a box of chocolate by mail. It is advisable to do a brief Google search for user opinions. That way, you will know if people bought there, the experience, if they are satisfied, etc.

  1. Sign up on social media to receive newsletters and promotions from your favorite stores: 
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This is very important to be able to find out when all special offers and promotions are available. At the same time, stores generally use this route to retain their customers.

  1. Always buy with a credit card or PayPal: 
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Although some stores enable payments by debit card or bank transfer, for example, it is recommended to make payment via credit card, because that way, you will have the advantage of being able to claim a bad charge, a product that didn't arrive, or even better, you can claim charges for things you didn't buy, because they stole your card and bought it in your name! If you do not have a credit card, you can use Paypal, but never make a bank transfer, as it will be almost impossible to claim later if necessary. 

  1. Pay close attention to shipping costs: 
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Depending on the product to be purchased, shipping costs can be high or zero. But this also varies from store to store. Sometimes, when shipping is not free, it is good to weigh the probability of buying more products in that store, so that the shipping cost ends up paying off. 

  1. Check the origin of the product to buy: 
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Depending on the store where you are going to buy, the product may not be in the USA. So, depending on the origin, it may take a few days or a long time! For example, if it is an electronic product, some stores work with shipments from China, getting more affordable prices; however, with a huge delay.

  1. Make use of loyalty programs:
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This is really a very interesting factor. Some stores have loyalty programs. For example, they work by giving points to the customer, who can then exchange them for discounts on future purchases. At first, it may seem that there are few points or that they are not enough for an interesting exchange. However, over time, and shopping, you will definitely notice the advantage.

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