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What About Bags? - A letter From a Man to a Woman

What About Bags? 

What is a bag for a woman? Sign of responsibilities in life. What type of responsibilities?  Well, a woman could carry a bag to work, for work. A bag reveals information about your life. A bag let people know who you are… are you taking yourself seriously or just playing around? What are you carrying with you all the time? Why is an accessory so important that you would throw $300 at it and not feel bad about it? What makes a bag your bag? What is the first thing people notice of you when you enter a room? How do people perceive you? Are you single, married, divorced, or just not that into it? Do you really think you don’t need to carry a bag around with you? And if so, where do you keep your belongings? You could make a statement. Your bag screams passion and obsession, vanity and pride, discipline, and persistence. A bag speaks for itself.

 Photo of Woman Posing with bag


Does the woman make the bag or is it the bag that makes the woman? The woman makes the bag, but the bag could boost the woman's social circle. People perceive you for who you want to be. There’s nothing wrong in role-playing and there’s nothing wrong in getting that extra boost that a bag can give you. A bag is the adjective of your soul, a door to your subconscious, a door to people's fantasies. Bags represent you and can potentially make or break you.   

 Woman Wearing Black Sleeveless Bodycon Mini Dress


Don’t take it too personally, all of this shouldn’t make you doubt yourself and your style. Gifting and rewarding yourself for being the awesome person you are is essential to your wellness. Having a unique bag that fits the job to showcase the woman you are, creates the perfect opportunity to advance in life. It’s always better being checked out than being looked over.


Smiley woman in outerwear touching hair against house 

In conclusion, take everything I just said with a grain of salt. I’m just trying to justify the purchase of a bag... a good bag. I’m trying to give you a reason to invest in an accessory that will make you stand out from the crowd. The bag you choose will carry your life around. Don’t live unnoticed, make a statement next time you go out!    

- Alessio Giambenini 


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