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What is Bourgeoise Style? The Biggest Fall Trend for 2020

Bourgeoise Style

What is Bourgeoise Style? and How do I Wear It?


It is truly profound how some things come in perfect timing, and the same can be said about this years biggest fashion trend for Fall. Just as dad-sneakers, neon, and biker shorts are being nearly forgotten, the bourgeoise trend has popped up at a time when we need to remember our roots. Fashion and style is all about having fun and self-expression but there is something about wearing a well tailored ensemble that just takes the cake. It's always better to be ahead of the curve and look timeless then to seem like a fad fanatic. A bourgeoise is a person with certain cultural and financial capital, belonging to either the middle or upper-middle class. Growing up in Los Angles the term bougie was always said to a person who was showing any degree of praise for a materialistic item. Often when these words are used it's to make the intended person feel guilty or bad about their infatuation with a material item. So, why exactly is the fashion industry(myself included)so obsessed with this trend? The simple fact that you probably already have everything you need to pull this look off, those leather riding boots and tweed blazer you've been hiding in your closet will finally see the light of day once more. Bourgeoise style is a modern woman's playbook.


What is Bourgeoise Style? The Biggest Fall Trend for 2020

Abide and Accessorize



If you can take anything from this please let it be this, accessories make the outfit. This season accessories are the stars of the show, and leading the way is handbags; we saw a lot of more structured and sophisticated looking bags. With the bourgeoise trend we're seeing a lot of belts, belts over faux fur coats, and belts over tweed jackets. One piece you'll need to complete this look, leather over-the-knee boots or riding boots. It gives you that regal-ultra-chic finish, and besides boots for Fall? A match made in fashion heaven. Another big accessory that's become popular recently, silk scarves. We saw everyone rocking one as a top this past summer and now we're taking those same scarves and wearing them for Fall. Using a scarf as your stand out piece is great because there is so many different ways to wear them. You can wear them in your hair, around your waist, around your neck, or tied to a handbag handle as a Twilly.


a woman with scarf in her hair


examples of bourgeoise style


In this moment in fashion women are looking and needing styles that are easily attainable, there is a strong need to look professional and feel attractive in what you are wearing. The modern woman is a busy woman and the bourgeoise trend is a direct reflection of that. For years professional fashion-women have been wearing Céline trousers & blouses, and perfect white tee's and jeans, almost like their reliable uniform. This minimalistic modern-classic way of dressing is a zero effort technique to insure one looks put-together without having to actually put an outfit together. Designers have a way of knowing exactly what the modern woman is needing in a given time, and for decades it has been the demand for styles that evoke a no-nonsense-classical approach. The nuances of bourgeoise and minimalism at the heart, is creating something spectacular with very limited resources. Contemporary fashion is all about taking the old and renewing it, and not letting something like money stop you from dressing your absolute best. There is almost a bit of irony, dressing like the very owners of material production, some see this as a way of rejecting mass production.

bourgeoise style women walking away in heels and houndstooth coat



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What is Bourgeoise Style? The Biggest Fall Trend for 2020– The Guilty Woman
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