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7 Holiday Party Outfit Ideas for EVERY Occasion

7 Holiday Party Outfit Ideas for Every Occasion


 It's officially December 1st, everyones favorite time of year. The holiday season is all about enjoying quality time with family and not having to worry about any workload or reporting to your boss.

 So welcome the party season with the best of moods and enjoy it. It is the time of year when there is an event every weekend, gift shopping, and much more. This pandemic has kept us all on our toes and has made us become more innovative. Restaurants quickly build up outdoor patios, fashion designers make & distribute mask in a hurry.


Moreover, holiday parties like Christmas parties, office parties, New Year's Eve, and countless more celebrations are coming to erase all of your 2020 woes away. Your outfit should be cozy, sparkly, and stylish.


Here I will give you some outfit ideas for your upcoming parties to look fabulous in. Occasions like an office party, family gathering, New Years, friends party, and Christmas. Make this holiday season-best with elegant, fashionable, and cozy outfits like the icing on the cake.


1) A Classic black jumper and Festive Accessories



Black jumpers with elegant accessories like a neckline necklace or high pointed shoes are the best winter option. Pants give you a warmer feel as well as it looks great in winter. Fancy detailing on your shoes is the best way to amplify your attire. Black is something that everyone has in their wardrobe.

 Red velvet coat with a black jumper is the best combination for parties in open areas and looks attractive due to its bright color. If you're going with an all black outfit you really should play it up with a pop of color, any bright hue will work.


2) The Blazer Dress



You may already be in love with the blazer dress. Not only is it perfect for fancy parties, but it also looks great in simple office get-togethers. It is well structured, plus the flirty style works for every occasion.

To complement this dress, you can wear over-the-knee boots to protect you from the winter weather and enhance your attire's beauty.


3) Velvet Dress with high heels



For fancy parties like Christmas, a velvet dress is the best option. It is the weather appropriate stylish attire that compliments best with high heels. Chose this cozy look and opt for a smokey eye and I guarantee you'll take over the party. There are many options for colors in velvet-like red, deep green, burgundy, and many more. So you can choose according to the theme of the party or your choice. 


4) Sweater with Pencil Skirt


pencil skirts and sweaters_ The Guilty Woman


You may think it's weird to wear a sweater to a party. But believe me, it looks cool when you complement it with bold booties and a chic necklace. If you wear a tight skirt with your favorite sweater from your closet, then you are the coolest gal at the party with the comfiest look. Your neck-piece balances your simple sweater and makes your look elegant.


5) Festive Top with Skinny Jeans


woman's blouse and jeans_ The Guilty Woman


Skinny jeans are everyone's favorite casual look, so let's make it a perfect holiday outfit. Choose an attractive, eye-catching festive blouse in shimmery or metallic shades and pair it with your skinny jeans. Wear a simple pair of high heels and enjoy the fact that you didn't leave your comfort zone.


6) Plaid Pant Suit + Kitten Heels



While it seems like the perfect professional outfit for your office party, it's also stylish enough to work at a friend's fête, as long as the pants are a slim fit, the blazer is buttoned up (to act as the top), and you can dress it up with dainty accessories and kitten heels, the perfect feminine contrast to the menswear ensemble.


7) Monochrome + Statement Necklace



What's more luxe and fancy than a really good statement necklace? To make your favorite piece of jewelry standout, wear it with a monochrome outfit in a neutral color (we love all-white for holidays — it's unexpected and looks effortlessly stylish!). You'll look as pretty as the Sugar Plum Fairy, but an Anna-Wintour-approved version.

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